Field Studies "Pop Is Not Dead Remixed"


Toothpaste with Downloadcode

1. About A Remixed Combineharvester Falling Asleep (2.55)
2. Buvette Remix About Falling Asleep (3.58)
3. Honey For Petzi Remix About Fireworks (3.19)
4. Heidi Happy Remix About Franz Gsellmann (4.33)
5. Labrador City Remix About Franz Gsellmann (3.53)
6. Silver Firs Remix About Franz Gsellmann (3.27)
7. WEOP Remix About Living On The Dole (5.04)
8. Mr.Soul Remix About Silence (3.55)
9. The Legendary Lightness Remix About Silence (5.03)
10.Casque Remix About Fireworks (3.47)
11.The Hood Regulators About To Remix Franz Gsellmann (5.01)
12.Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie Remix About Franz Gsellmann (4.06)

One year after their EP "Pop Is Not Dead" the Lucerne based trio Field Studies is releasing a compilation with remixes. Therefore they asked twelve Swiss musicians to choose a song of their EP and to remix it. The list of contributors of "Pop Is Not Dead Remixed" reads like the who-is-who of the Swiss independent musicscene: Buvette, Heidi Happy, Hoey For Petzi, The Legendary Lightness, Silver Firs, Labrador City, Combineharvester, The Hood Regulators, WEOP, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie, Casque und Mr Soul.

Since "Pop Is Not Dead" was released as a toothbrush, the band felt obliged to go on with the idea of releasing their music on special sound storage medias. Accurate to their slogan "Satan is a dentist, we have to Holy Water" they will present the new record as a toothpaste. The full package is the ultimate caries prophylaxis.

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